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Long Pond Classic – VIP Experience

89.3 K-Rock is happy to support the Long Pond Heritage Classic, January 25 – 27 in Windsor, the birthplace of hockey! You can win a VIP viewing experience!

The Long Pond Heritage Classic offers hockey enthusiasts a historic opportunity to play Canada’s favourite sport on the pond where it all began, more than 200 years ago. Even better, the Long Pond Heritage Classic is a chance to preserve hockey’s legacy, as funds raised through the tournament support the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society and the Hockey Heritage Museum in Windsor.

On January 25, 26, and 27, players will gather as they did for the inaugural tournament in 2012. They will don custom, vintage-inspired jerseys of the original teams and make the historic trek to Long Pond to play the historic game of shinny on Long Pond, the cradle of hockey in Windsor, the Birthplace of Hockey.

Win a VIP experience under the 89.3 K-Rock tent!

On Saturday, January 26, you and three friends could watch the Long Pond Classic in comfy seats provided by Windsor Home Hardware, with food service straight to the couch from Bubba Rays Sports Bar Windsor, served by our own Curtis Matheson!

AND get two tickets to the Legends of Hockey Banquet!

To enter, tell us below what hockey means to you and your family. Winner announced on The Morning Show with Darrin and Nebraska, January 25. We’ll share your stories right here as we celebrate the Long Pond Heritage Classic!





From Daniel D’Aubin:

I am absolutely a passionate hockey fan. I enjoy watching hockey at numerous levels, especially at the NHL level, as my favourite team is the Toronto Maple Leafs, in which gets better when they beat the Montreal Canadiens, my father’s favourite team. Of course I also have watched at times games involving the Acadia Axemen at the university level and the Halifax Mooseheads of the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League), and just recently interviewed Bobby Smith, the owner of the Mooseheads for my blog. I have seen many former Mooseheads players of the past on the team that have gone on to the NHL like Alex Tanguay, Nathan Mackinnon, Martin Frk, Jonathan Drouin, Mackenzie Weegar, Ladislav Nagy, etc. Also my father and I are season ticket holders for the Valley Wildcats at the Junior A level in Berwick, in which we have watched players on the Wildcats excelled to higher levels, including New Minas native Drake Batherson, who is with the Ottawa Senators organization, Annapolis Royal native and now Halifax Mooseheads goalie Cole McLaren, goalie Blades Mann-Dixon who is playing for St FX University, and Brock McLeod who also is with the Mooseheads. I have gone up to watch a NHL game with my father in Toronto in 2007 between the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs, as we sat front row, about 10 seats away from the penalty box. Despite never playing ice hockey, because of a childhood injury, I am a die-hard hockey fan, (eat, sleep, talk, watch, etc.) in which I get to share that with my family members, especially my father, although he does not know much about hockey since he is a delusional Habs fan.


From John Nicholls:

Hockey brings me together with my son who has been playing hockey since he was 5. Every Christmas Eve we have a family skate at the Windsor rink with our family and it brings us all together as a group to catch up and spend time together.


From Shane Spicer:

I have played for 50 years 4 years for the valley Wildcats then drove the valley Wildcats bus for last 4 years.I even played against Ron Duguay and Chris Naslund.


From Jean Sanford:

Hockey means a loving rivalry between me and Hubby, with him being a Habs fan and I am a Sens fan. We also watch the World Juniors every year… We were happy when Finland beat the USA for the gold this year.


From Jessie Corbett:

My sweet 16 birthday gift was a trip to Toronto to see an NHL game with my dad. Leafs won(shocking, i know lol), and we got to see some older NHL icons at the Air Canada Centre. Toured the sports museum, and got to see the Stanley Cup on display! Conveniently, my dad is named Stanley ;). Best 16th birthday ever! Also made a point of dining in Wayne Gretzkys restos


From Angela Turner:

As long as I can remembered hockey has been a part of my life. You could find the whole family on Saturday night gathered around the television to watch Hockey Night in Canada. One of my most memorable family times. ❤


From Kyle Hudgins: 

Hockey has always been my families life whether it was playing, watching from the stands or sitting at the top of the steps of my grandparents house watching Saturday night hockey thinking they thought we where asleep but we where really watching the best game in Canadian history Hockey.


From Kelly Lang:

Hi my name is Kelly: I’m the only girl of 8 brothers I’ve liked hockey ever since I was little, but never could play was a tuff upbringing dad was a alcoholic, my mom left him year’s later, still I loved watching hockey, I still couldn’t play the game not enough money, my dad came back when I was 10, he put me in the game I joined girls team and travelled from Ontario to the USA to play I played for years Dad and I had that in common, I moved to Halifax and continued to play with the Dal housie Tigers in 2003 I developed planter fasciitis in both feet and put me out of the game for good, when my dad passed I went back to Ontario to his funeral and my uncle’s took me to a NHL game cause they new it’s what Dad and I had in common miss you very much DAD!! Today I draw and airbrush NHL players for clients.PS I kissed Darryl Sittler when I was 14.


From Leslie Spicer:

Hello we are care givers to Joey Whynacht. Joey loves coaching! He had been helping the CK Gators for years.
I don’t know how long, he been doing this . I do know there are father’s who are telling their son who how playing for Ck . That Joey was there for them too. The team made sure he had a jacket. He asked if I would try to win this for him. I’m not a very good at writing, But I’ll let him know I tried. Thank you so much!


From Brad Smith:

Hockey means quite a bit to our family even though none of us play I don’t miss a game on tv. My team is the Bruins and I love watching the habs and bruins play each other.


From Wendee Geldart: 

When I was younger watching hockey with my Dad was a bonding thing. While Mum baked my brothers and I would sit with Dad and holler at the TV and scream for joy when our team scored. My Dad’s a veteran so even when he was serving his country we’d always catch up when he got back as we’d watch and share our thoughts of the game when he was walking through the door again. A time before cell phones of linking our family through hockey moments. Now Dads 85 and my brothers moved far away but my husband and I continue to enjoy time spent with Dad celebrating the game and spending time with our family tradition…hockey! To us hockey is family time! I’d love to win to give this back to my father!


From Michelle Connors:

To our family hockey means a lot. It brings us together, in times of happiness, excitement, and even sadness. We have hosted billets and continue to host hockey billets. Both of my children have played hockey as well. No matter what kind of day we’ve been having we come together to support one another for hockey. We go to our billets hockey games as a family. The billets come with us to see my son play hockey. The hockey community also supports one another. If I couldn’t drive my kids to practice, another parent would. Hockey means family. And family means hockey. Every weekend there are at least ten boys in our basement watching hockey games. It keeps our family busy and active. It is something we all love. It brings us together. I couldn’t imagine my family without hockey.


From Brian Collins:

Hockey means alot use to with my dad when I was kid…hockey is canada…


From Joan Penny:

I didn’t start playing hockey till I turned fifty years old. My boyfriend ( Now husband) at the time got me involved and i love it. Love playing co ed with him , sharing his passion keeps us closer for sure. He is so supportive and keeps encouraging me.


From Erica Clark:

                         It means loyalty. Although we have different hockey team we follow and they do tease me a bit for being habs fan. We are loyal to our teams even through the tough patches.


From Tim Davidson:

Good morning;
Hockey has always been a way of life in my house hold, from the time I started growing up playing hockey with all my friends. Everyday after school we would try and be the first one on the rink; that meant you had first pick of what player you were going to be so in my day if I was playing “D” I would be Bobby Orr, or goaltending it was always Ken Dryden good times back in the day! When we were not playing hockey at recess or lunch, we would toss hockey cards in one of the turnouts or cubby’s where the wind wouldn’t blow. We would have the long wall for throwing the cards, closest to the wall or knocking over the standing card would take the other kids card that he would shoot for. We would have special cards for throwing usually old ones from 70’s they were heavy and stuck to the concrete. On the short wall we would drop cards from 4′ if you had the card bent well you could win a lot of cards. Then there was always one kid that would steal his big brothers cards go out into the middle of the school yard and scream at the top of his lungs “SCRAMBLE” !! Everyone would come running dragging there hands across the ground grabing up cards oh… the good old days, we used to have so much fun, I still talk with alot of friends I grew up about back in the day!
To this day I still have all my Hockey cards I have collected, Autographed Jerseys and memorabilia along with the great memories growing up and being able to share stories with people is so much fun! I would like to be part of the Long Pond Classic in order to meet and represent our Valley in the best way possible and give the NHL players the respect they deserve for the love of hockey!


January 22 2019 , 3:57:00 • Kentville
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